Roland Künzel

Roland Künzel (Place: Munich)
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German Patent Attorney

Mr Kuenzel studied electrical and electronic engineering at the university RWTH Aachen and completed with master-equivalent degree. 

Initially, Mr Kuenzel was active in the research, planning and sales departments of a manufacturer of mobile networks. He managed a sales group for systems technology of mobile networks. Thereafter, he was the head of a network development department of a mobile network operator. Then, Mr Kuenzel was a managing consultant at a software house and consulting firm, where he performed consultancy work in the following fields: mobile networks, satellite services, and traffic telematics systems. In 1998 Mr Kuenzel founded his own engineering office. Here too, Mr Kuenzel provided consulting services to automotive and IT companies and performed functional tests of traffic telematics systems. 

The activities of Mr Kuenzel in the field of intellectual property rights began in 2003 with the patent attorney training at a Munich law firm, at the German Patent and Trademark Office, and at the German Federal Patent Court. Mr Kuenzel passed the patent attorney's examination in 2006 and was inaugurated as patent attorney in 2009. Mr Kuenzel works with us since 2012.

Due to his extensive activities in industry and work on patent applications of a variety of technical areas Mr Kuenzel has an exceptionally wide and deep overview of market-relevant innovations in the IT and automotive industry. Mr Kuenzel has written patent applications, including but not limited to, following technical fields:

Automotive engineering:
Powertrains, braking systems, air conditioning systems, radar systems, vehicle control systems.

Indicator and control elements:
Switches, touch-screens, driver assistance systems, infotainment systems, head-up displays, lighting technology.

Basic technologies of electrical engineering:
Measuring and testing technology, circuit technology, semiconductor devices, construction technology, printed circuits.

Optics and imaging systems:
Microscopes, lithography systems, X-ray systems, virtual and augmented reality systems, printers.

Control systems:
Computing technologies, bus systems, monitoring systems, building controls.

Power conversion and power distribution:
Electrical converters, electric engines, high-voltage systems, fuel cell systems, burner technologies, battery technologies.

Mechanical engineering:
Manufacturing technologies, valve concepts, transmission concepts.

Mr Kuenzel speaks German and English and has knowledge in Italian, French, and Russian.