IP Services - Non-Prosecution


Germany is the leading country in Europe in both economical and technical areas. As the IP competition becoming fiercer and fiercer in the whole world, Germany is recognized as an essential IP rights battlefield for many international companies thanks to its efficient legal system and its rapid judicial process. World famous companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft etc. have frequently a lot of IP lawsuits  in Germany.

Our IP non-application services cover all the opposition, invalidity/revocation, infringement procedures, which are related to the patent, utility model, design, trade mark and other industrial IP rights. Our patent lawyers and lawyers are able to handle the conflicts before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the German Federal Patent Court, the European Patent Office and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (EU trademarks and designs), as well as infringement proceedings before German District Courts.

Our services include amongst others:

Attacking or defensing intellectual property rights: filing oppositions, nullity actions, limiting actions, deleting actions, etc.; or we help you protect your rights if they are under attack

Enforcing intellectual property rights or the reaction: sending warning letters to potential infringers, filing infringement suits; or acting against such enforcement actions from the third parties

Legal support at exhibitions: Requesting preliminary injunctions from courts against your competitors; or filing oppositions against preliminary injunctions, filing protection letters to avoid the issuing of preliminary injunctions

Search: worldwide search for intellectual property rights, legal status, or prior art

Opinion: elaborating opinions on whether an intellectual property right is legally valid or whether an action infringes intellectual property rights

Freedom to operate analysis: analyzing whether you can start marketing your new products in Europe without the concerns of infringing intellectual property rights of your competitors

Contracts: drafting license contracts, technology transfer contracts, non-disclosure agreements, purchasing or transfer contracts for intellectual property rights

Employee inventions: determining the ownership of an invention made by an employee in a company in Germany; determining the amount of rewards for the employees making an invention

Report and seminar: on subjects related to intellectual property rights protection (in German, English, or Chinese)  

Coordination of prosecutions and litigations in China in close cooperation with Chinese law firm

Translation of Chinese documents or Proofreading of these translations